Seventhgen Free & Clear detergent pack

I was selected to try @100_0062s made for sensitive skin, free, in #generationgood!  I received this product free!  Excellent  laundry detergent, loved it, I do recommend.


The Flowers

My first prompt.  These flowers represent me:   I have been cloaked in the darkness for too long. I want to come out and show my true colors. The way to do this is one day at a time.   When the flowers are out of the darkness I too will be.  We have a long journey ahead of us!!!!   PC - piproses Cloaked

seventhgen Healthy Baby Home Party

100_1298I hosted a @seventhgen Healthy Baby Home Party because we have the right to know what’s in products we use around our families! #comeclean #generationgood everyone loved the products. will post pics.thanks for supplying all the great products for everyone to try for free. Everyone went home with a goodie bag. I demonstrated the dish liquid and everyone had a chance to use it. Everything went great..Coupons were handed out to every one for them to try more products. Everyone got sent home with the laundry detergent and so so far good results for everyone that has tried all the samples. Mothers with babies tried the diapers and diaper wipes, they were a hit. I showed everyone the social media links to join seventhgenration…..more details to follow along with pics